Howdy and welcome to AR!World! You have no clue what we're talking about yet, but don't worry! You'll understand it all soon enough! If any of the following interest you, you will definetly want to see what we're all about! :)

David Duchovny (Fox Mulder, X-Files)
Noah Wyle (John Carter, ER)
Slightly tipsy people!
The craziness and unpredictability of soap operas!
Ditto of Jerry Springer.. I think
Fighting for the heck of it
Seeing certain actresses we, uh.. dislike greatly
get what's comin' ta them! hehe..
People hopelessly crazier than you :)

So, ya interested? Of course you are!!
Check out the links below to get the big picture.

What the hell is AR?!
FAQ (Frequently Asked Question - singular)
Meet the AR chatters (all... 3!)


Okay! Now that you have an idea what's going on, you can start visiting the AR!Characters and stories of AR!1 (AR one, if this font's hard to read...). A bunch have some language that would be rated R, I guess, so.. just tellin' ya now so you won't come cryin' and screamin' back to us later.

Right now, we're on AR!12 (go ahead and read some), but Jenphen's the one with all the chats saved so it'll be awhile until all our info is up.

Okay, you can go on to a little about AR!1 now! Enjoy and email us with any questions/comments/"Scientists in Maine would like to study you" memos.. anything! :)


The Long Rambling Summary

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Try back again for updates. :)

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AR!World (c) Jenphen, Casscass, and B
The ideas in situations that occur in AR!World do not reflect the views of all of me, Jen, or B's multiple personalities. And FOX, Warner Bros., David, Noah etc. probably don't like it all either.. Even though it is pretty cool....
Also, some pictures have been borrowed from The X-Files and ER.

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