Credits and Thanks

I found a number of my sounds at:

Pete's TV Wavs - A really great site. Full of wavs from TV shows and movies. He had tons of X-Files sounds until FOX had him shut that portion down.

Seth Green as Emil in "Deep Throat" - This is where I found all the great Emil wavs from the episode "Deep Throat".

Also, a bunch of the "Arcadia" wavs were passed to me by the very weird Emily. Email her and annoy her. >:)

And thanks to Bobbie for sending me the shippy "The Unnatural" picture for my home logo. Me lovest. :) Visit her porn site. Okay, so it's not really a porn site, but it's really funny!

And more thanks to the identifiers (sounds like the makings of a good TV show... hehe):
and Alyssa