If all the pictures are on one page, it takes too long to load, so for now there are only links to the pictures themselves.

Brent - on his swing, blurry but cute.
Brent - on his swing from a distance.

Deva, Meena, and Rajen - in a huddle.
Kalia and Meena
Kalia, Meena, and Brent
Kalia and Nancy - Fighting over where to stand for the picture.

Cassie, Jen, Brent, Meena - Fighting over a stuffed animal, Brent's on the run.
Cassie, Jen, Brent, Meena - And still fighting.

Cassie and Jen - Posing.
Cassie and Jen - in front of the theatre.
Cassie and Jen - Ditto.
Cassie and Jen - on the deck.

Zaccheaus - Being held.
Zaccheaus - Pre-pounce mood.