Jen's characters
Cassie's characters

<in her dorm room w/ Cassie> <huffs> So....what class you got first?

Anatomy. <makes a face> I almost failed that in high school... What about you?

Anatomy, too. Thank God I got through that easily.....

<eyes narrow>

English is another thing though....<sighs> I hear I got a real asshole teacher.


Duchovny. <pronounces it duch-ooo-v-knee>

Oh, I've heard about him. He's supposed to be cute, though..

I have no idea.... Weird name. <sighs> Who do you have for English?

Same guy.

Cool. At least Chris and I have SOME classes together. <smiles>


<innocent face> He's such a sweetie.

I picked up on that.

Have any classes with Jake?

A couple.

That's good. <looks at her watch> Ok, we better get going if we don't want to be late.

God, I hate first days.

Me too. <sighs>



Jen: <getting into the anatomy class> <sitting down>
John Carter: <hasn't shown up in the class yet>
GirlsBehindThem: <giggling> I hear he's a hottie. That's the reason I took this class!
Girl1BT: I hear he's available too! <snickering>
Jen: <rolling eyes> <so annoyed>
Cassie: <sighs> <not lookin' forward to this class>
JC: <coming in> <putting his stuff on the desk> Okay, settle down people.
Jen: <eyebrow> <"hmm....he is a hottie">
Cassie: <blinks> <"I love this class so much"> <to Jen> I love this class so much.
Jen: <chewing on her pen> <smiles> I think I can come to enjoy it.... <whispering>
Cassie: Mmhmm...
JC: <notices the class is mostly full of girls> <shrugs it off though> Okay. Shall we get started? My name is Dr. Carter. You're in Anatomy 101. I expect hard work, anything less is unacceptable.
Cassie: <scrunches face a little>
JC: If you need any help with anything, I'm in my office until five every weekday, and on the weekends I'm in there from one to three, so don't be afraid to ask for help.
Cassie: <eyebrow>
Jen: <smiles> <"you'll have to fight me for him, Cassie"> <gonna be thinkin' about John until she sees David>
Cassie: <"aren't we taken? I've forgotten..">
Jen: <"all depends">
Cassie: <"hm">
Jen: <crosses her legs so her skirt goes up a little bit higher on her thigh> <think Sharon Stone thing>
Cassie: <eyes narrow> <curses self for wearing jeans>
JC: Okay, let's start at the basics...... <going off on his lecture>
Jen: <listening to every word>


JC: <overwhelmed with all the girls at his desk> <annoyed>
Jen: <looks at her watch> Time for English, Casscass. <picking up her stuff>
Cassie: Okokok.... <takes one last look>
Jen: <going out the door>
Cassie: <followin'>
Jen: <rolling her eyes> They're so stupid.
Cassie: Mmhmm..
Jen: You don't make KNOWN that you think a guy is attractive and you don't hound them, they only get annoyed.
Cassie: Mmhmm..
Jen: They're so dumb.
Cassie: Mmhmm..

Jen: <going to the English building> <sits down in their English class> God, I hope he's not a total asshole.
Cassie: You just jinxed it. He will be.
Jen: <sighs>
GBT: <there, too> Oh my God, I heard this one is even cuter!
Jen: <huffs> <"stupid sluts">
Cassie: <sighs> Dear *God* <mimicking Well-Manicured Man from X-Files>
Jen: What? <to Cassie>
Cassie: What?
Jen: Cassie, you're weird.
Cassie: You KNOW I'm normal.
Jen: Mmhmm. sure...
Cassie: Ho.
Jen: When is this idiot going to show up?
Cassie: I dunno.
Jen: <sticks tongue out>
Cassie: Am I my teacher's keeper? Ha.. that rhymes kinda...
Chris: <coming in> <sitting down behind Jen> Boo!
Jen: <jumps a little> <glaring at him> Very funny, Chris.
Chris: You comin' over tonight?
Cassie: She's with *me* tonight, buddy.
Jen: Uh huh, I seem to remember someone named Jake...... <to Chris> Yeah, I just have to do some things first, so it won't be until 6. <sighs> May be later if this professor ever shows up...
DavidD: <comes in>
Jen: <looks over> <drops her pen>
DD: Everyone, have a seat.. <going through papers>
Cassie: <staring> <thinks he has a big nose, but other than that..>
Jen: <mouth open a little>
Chris: <rolls his eyes at how they're acting>
Jen: <"okay, I can die happy now">
Cassie: <"uhhuh">
Jen: <crossing her legs again> <makin' sure her skirt goes up again> <"hmm....I wonder if he's single">
DD: Okay. <once people are quiet> Welcome to English. I'm Dr. Duchovny and.. <goes off on a whole intro thing>
Jen: <listening to every word>
Twit: <raises hand> <when she doesn't get his attention, begins waving arms>
DD: <eyebrow> Yes?
Twit: Are you married??
Jen: <trying not to laugh>
DD: I don't think that has anything to do with what's on the agenda for today.
Twit: Girlfriend?
DD: <that "tread no further" look>
Jen: <licking her lips at that look>
Twit: I'm free. <chirps>
DD: <sighs>
DD: Today we'll be starting a poetry survey... <goes on>
Jen: <makes a face>
DD: <will use one of his poems as an example>
Jen: <sighs> <whispering to Cassie> This class may be boring, but I'm sure gonna love the scenery....
Cassie: <smiles>
DD: <while talking, looks at Jen>
Jen: <chewing on her pen the whole time she's listening to him>
DD: <lil smile at her, still speaking, lookin' at other people again>
Chris: <glaring>
Jen: <"yummy"> <sighs> <dreamy look on her face>
Cassie: <has the 99 bottles of beer song stuck in her head> <"take on down and pass it around...">


MostoftheGirlsintheClass: <going up to DD and asking him stupid questions just so he'll speak to them>
Chris: <gets up>
Jen: <ditto>
Chris: <putting his arm around her> I don't like him.
Cassie: He's hot.
Jen: I know. <sees the look on Chris's face> Of course not as cute as you, sweetie. <smiles> <kisses him> <"yeah right">
Cassie: <rolls eyes>
Chris: <smiles>
Cassie: <"idiot">
Jen: <"shut your mouth, idiot child">
Cassie: <"don't you mean my mind?"> <sweet smile>
Jen: <"whatever. just shut up">


Jen: <sitting down in anatomy class again>
Cassie: <eatin' marshmellows out of a jumbo-sized bag>
JC: <coming into the class> <looking over his papers>
Cassie: <sighs> <Jake been acting weird lately>
JC: Okay people, settle down......
Cassie: <mouths along w/what he says> <smiles> <eats another marshmellow>
JC: <waits for them to stop talking> <sitting on his desk>
Cassie: <"I want that desk">
Jen: <smiling> <"you're such a dork">
Cassie: <"get out of my brain" think 'In Dreams' :)>
JC: Okay, posterior, anterior, inferior, and superior......
Cassie: <smiles>
JC: Anyone want to volunteer to be a model?
Cassie: <raises hand>
MostoftheGirls: <raising their hands>
JC: Okay.... Um..... <looking around> You... <to Cassie>
Jen: <"lucky bitch">
Cassie: <gets up nonchalantly> <sticks tongue out at Jen when back is turned from JC> <goes up>
JC: Okay, there are different parts of the body that you should all know. Posterior is anything that is towards the back of the origin... <going on> <having to touch her every once in awhile>
Cassie: <trying not to smile> <trying not to hum, either>
JC: <after he's done> <smiles> Thank you, Cassie. You can sit down now. <looked her name up after his first class>
Cassie: <smiles> <goes and sits down> <hums> <"he knows my name, he knows my name">
Jen: <trying not to laugh> <"don't let it go to your head">
Cassie: <"you were beaming when *Dr. Duchovny* called you Jennifer..>
Jen: <"shut up">
JC: <after class just ends> Okay, make sure you read the first two chapters, and thank you again, Cassie, for being a model.
Cassie: <hums a little more>
Jen: <getting up> Okay, Cassie, Time for English.... <smiles>
MOTG: <going up to JC again>
TheOthers: Oh my God! What does he feel like?
Jen: <trying not to laugh> <shaking her head> <heading towards English>
Cassie: <eyebrow> What the HELL is wrong with all of you?
Jen: <laughs>
Cassie: <following Jen>


Jen: <in English> <tapping her pencil on the desk>
Chris: <holding her hand> <next to her>
DD: <comes in>
Jen: <biting her lip>
DD: Okay, quiet down..
Chris: <rubbing his thumb on her hand>
DD: <talkin' about.. literature stuff>
Jen: <off in lala land> <not even aware that Chris is there> <biting on her pen> <daydreaming about David>
DD: <walkin' around, talkin'> <stops by where Jen is, etc>
Jen: <licks her lips once>
Chris: <the "she's mine" look>


Jen: <getting up> Chris, I'll be over at your place after awhile. I have to ask Professor Duchovny something.
Chris: <sighs> Okay. <gives her a quick kiss>
Jen: <the "get lost" look at Cassie>
Cassie: <pouts, but goes> <going to accidentally wander towards where anatomy is>
Jen: <going up to David after all the idiot girls have left>
DD: <one of his small smiles>
Jen: Hi, Professor Duchovny. Um, I'm not that good with the poetry techniques used... I was wondering if you could help me out in figuring them out..
DD: What parts are you having trouble with? <so GQ.. the rolled up sleeves.. those glasses..> <leaning back against his desk>
Jen: Um... <tells him the parts he's having problems with>
DD: Okay.. <explaining some things> Does that make sense?
Jen: <makes a weird face> Kinda...
DD: <lil smile that goes to his eyes> Well, sometimes it just takes time and practice to get the hang of.
Jen: <nods> Yeah..... Okay, well, thanks.....
DD: If you need more help, I'm available anytime.
Jen: Okay, thanks <smiles>
DD: <cute, small smile>
Jen: <going out of the classroom>


JC: <grading papers>
Cassie: <goes in room> Dr. Carter? <"heehee"s to herself at saying it> <"shut up" to self>
JC: Yeah? <looks up> <takes his glasses off>
Cassie: <lil smile> Um, sorry to bother you, but I've been having some trouble with the memorization and I had been meaning to ask if you knew any way to make it easier, or anything..... <almost hums> <ahems>
JC: <smiles, gets up> Well, that's always a big problem... The easiest way is to find tricks. Like.... for the foot: the trapezium looks like a trapezoid, the cuboid looks like a cube and for the wrist...<taking her hand> There's a simple rhyme you can remember...
Cassie: <swallows>
JC: <touching each bone in her wrist> Some, S for <whatever>, Lovers, L for Lamate, Try Positions That They Can't Handle.
Cassie: <almost sways> Ah..
JC: There's stuff like for the skull and everything else, too..... <looking into her eyes>
Cassie: <blinks> I'll have to try that..
JC: <nods> <lets go of her hand> Is that all?
Cassie: Mmhmm, thanks a lot..
JC: All right... Anytime you need me again, I'm always in my office and all my students have my home phone number, so...
Cassie: Okay. Thanks.
JC: Anytime.... <goes back to his desk>
Cassie: <using all willpower to walk> Bye. <lil smile>


Jen: <on a weekend coming up to David's office door> <knocking on it>
DD: Come in. <writing information for a lecture>
Jen: <opens the door> <closing it behind her> Hi, Dr. Duchovny.....
DD: <smiles back> Hello, Jennifer.
Jen: I'm having some problems with "A Mid Summer's Night Dream"... Understanding it, I mean...
DD: Okay. <leans back in chair>
Jen: Um.... I don't understand the relationship between <says a few character's names>.
DD: Well... <that musing look he gets> Throughout the book you can tell they're in love, but can't admit it to each other.... <says something about the ending, suppose it ends strange>
Jen: <nods> <dreamy look again>
DD: <goes on about the character's love>
Jen: <eatin' it up> <off in lala land>
DD: Even though it was love at first sight, they believed it was different for them.
Jen: <nods slowly>
DD: So.. <looks at her, smiles> I guess it's main purpose is to inspire hope. <just looking at her for a minute>
Jen: <nods> <gulps a little>
DD: So... does that help? <voice became softer>
Jen: Hmm..? Oh, um, yeah... Thanks...
DD: That's what I'm here for.
Jen: <gazing into his eyes> <nods>
DD: <eyes meet hers again, looks back at his papers for a sec>
Jen: Yeah.. Thanks... <backing up a little> <forcing herself to leave>
DD: See you Monday.
Jen: <nods> Bye.


JC: <in his office>
Cassie: <knocks>
JC: Door's open. <not looking up from his papers>
Cassie: <goes in, small smile> Hi, Dr. Carter...
JC: <looks up> <smiles> Hello, Cassie. What do you need?
Cassie: <mental hum> Well, I've tried what you told me with the bones, but I'm really having trouble with muscles...
JC: <nods> Okay. Having trouble memorizing them or finding them? I mean, on a human body, can you find them?
Cassie: Sometimes, but it's confusing...
JC: Okay... <getting up> Let's start with the arm... <taking her arm> Now this... <running his fingers under her upperarm> is <says a name>...
Cassie: <bites lip>
JC: <goes on w/ the arm> <touching each muscle he says> Then the neck... <says a couple of names> <touching her neck softly> <looks at her> And then <softly> there are muscles of the face...
Cassie: <trying not to make any noise or act weird>
JC: <touches her cheek> <says a name> <looks into her eyes>
Cassie: <"must...... marry......... a doctor....."> <looking up at him>
JC: <leans in slowly> <kisses her softly>
Cassie: <can't move> <manages to kiss him back>
JC: <pulls back after awhile> Um.... <steps back> I think you should just pay attention in class more and you should get everything... And study a lot...
Cassie: <looks down some> Yeah....
JC: <swallows> Well.... Um, I'll see you in class on Monday.... <red>
Cassie: Okay... I, um.. okay... <waits for legs to work> <goes>

Jen: <at their dorm room> <studying for English> <daydreaming about David, though>
Cassie: <once there - walks in, sits down, can't blink>
Jen: Hey, Jake called... <looks up at her> What happened to you?
Cassie: Huh?
Jen: What happened to you?
Cassie: <looks at her, completely out of it face>
Jen: What's wrong?
Cassie: I went to see, um, Dr. Carter... <blinks for the first time in minutes>
Jen: Ohhhh.... Well, what happened?
Cassie: <gives her a look> He kissed me.....
Jen: <eyes wide> Really?
Cassie: <blinks: yes>
Jen: Wow.... Well, how was it?
Cassie: But then it was like nothing happened...... <sighs a little>
Jen: Well, probably because he can get fired for doing that... Was it a good kiss?
Cassie: Uh-huh.
Jen: <eyebrow> Well.... what are you going to do now?
Cassie: I don't know. What am I supposed to do?
Jen: I have no idea..... Just wait until Monday, I guess.


Jen: <sitting down in anatomy>
Cassie: <ditto> <can't keep feet still> <eating sugar, not realizing it's not gonna help>
JC: <coming into class> <looks like he hasn't slept> Okay, everyone quiet down.... <going into his lecture> <not even once looking at Cassie>
Cassie: <looking at the floor most of the time>


JC: Ms. Butler, I'd like to see you in my office later on today.
Cassie: <"oh no"> <nods a little>
Jen: <eyebrow> <heading towards English>
Cassie: <following mechanically>
Jen: I wonder what he wants... or rather, what he wants to do....
Cassie: <looks white> He must be mad...
Jen: You never know..... <going to the English building> <sitting down> He may just want to talk.
Cassie: <feels awful> DD: <there already> <passing back poems that were assignments as people get there>
Chris: <sitting down next to Jen> Hey, hon.
DD: <put a lot of extra notes on Jen's about good phrasing, encouragment>
Jen: <eyebrow> <weird look>
DD: <as he gives it to Jen> Very good. <passing more back>
Jen: <smiles> Thanks.
Chris: <sighs when he gets back his> <puts it in his notebook> <annoyed look>
Cassie: <sighs> <typed the same lines twice on accident and hadn't noticed>
Jen: <wrote her poem about loving someone, but not being able to tell them>


Jen: Well, good luck with Dr. Carter. <to Cassie>
Cassie: God.. <had been trying to forget>
Jen: Hey, don't worry about it. He did it, not you.
Cassie: But.. oh, I don't know.
Jen: Just..... don't worry about it..
Cassie: Right...
Jen: <to Chris> I have to ask Dr. Duchovny something. I'll meet you at your room a little later, okay?
Chris: <sighs> <nods>
Jen: <kisses his cheek>
Chris: <going>
Jen: Good luck again, Cassie.
Cassie: <sighs> <goes>
DD: <goin' through stuff>
Jen: <goes up to David> Hi.....
DD: <smiles> Hey.
Jen: Um, I have some questions about the essay you assigned us today...
DD: Okay.
Jen: Um... I don't really know what I should write it on..
. DD: Well, any ideas come to mind? They may be rough, but I'll bet we could turn them into something.
Jen: Well, maybe the relationship between <says their names> from "A Mid Summer's Night Dream"...?
DD: That'd be very interesting. Their relationship was very unique.
Jen: <nods> <biting her lip> I don't know how to break it up into sections though...
DD: Well.. <makes a suggestion>
Jen: <nods some> That could work..
DD: <nods, lil smile> <staring at her>
Jen: <looking up at him> I, uh, appreciate this.. I'm not really good at English...
DD: You're doing just fine..
Jen: <nods some> Thanks for what you said about my poem...
DD: I enjoyed it.
Jen: Thanks. <smiles>