The following are descriptions of the characters of AR!1 and their relation to each other. Consider them spoilers.
All blue names are Jen's characters, red are Cassie's, and greens are Bobbie's.

Principle Characters






The Kiddies

Jen's and David's

William Bobby - W

a.k.a. Will; named after Bobbie.

Gabriella Cassandra - GC

Named after Cassie.

Ashton - A

Bradley - Br

Cassie's and John's

Emma Anne - E

Named after Jen.

Matthew - M


Victims of a plot twist

The ex-boyfriends


Matthew Perry - MP

Conveniently shows up and gets back with Jen while she and David were broken up.

Doug Ross - DR

Briefly shows up during a hospital scene or two.




Nick Lea -


The ones who went wrong

Kevin - K

Claimed to be a relative of David's to gain Jen's trust. Really a psycho that beat and raped her while David was gone.
Comes back years later when Emma is grown. Becomes friendly with her and she doesn't realize he's older than he says (we like to call it Michael J. Fox Syndrome) and is stuck in an abusive relationship with him for awhile.

Kelly -

Stupid-Blond-Bimbo-Bitch - SBBN


For-Fun People


EMT's -

We love those guys. Always there when we need 'em, gave Anna an extra shock, oops, that killed her.... (hey, you've got to do something with the characters that get moldy.....)

Homeless-Man/Woman-Outside-B's-Apartment-With-A-Shopping-Cart - HM/WOBAWSC

Originally was just called a woman, but after we got a closer look at her, we couldn't really tell....

Pilot - P

A nice older guy that puts up with Will and Emma when they sneak into the cockpit on a flight.

Co-Pilot - CP

We later gave him a name - Steven, S. A real cutie pie when the kiddies, too, and later comes back as an aspiring actor.


Other People

Anna Del Amico - AD

Yes, her. Goes after John once he's in a relationship with Cassie. Later on, is in an accident and accidentally [ahem] shocked when she was conscious and dies. Oops. We hate it when that happens...

Vinny - V

Our very own, personal hitman.

Chris Carter - CC

Disappeared with no explanation.... no one knows what happened.... [coughs]. After he, uh... left, though, The X-Files took a shippy turn and Vince Gilligan took over all the writing.

Gillian - GA

Shows up every now and then with Piper.

Piper - P

Every now and then is at Jen and David's. Convinced David to paint his fingernails.

Gamma - G

John's grandmother. Always caniving along with John's mother to get Jen and John back together. Responsible for Cassie's first miscarriage.

John's mother -

On Gamma's side.