Jen: <standin' on the corner w/ Cassie> <sharin' a cig w/ her>
Cassie: <yepyup> <huffs when a car passes by after slowing a lil> Assholes...
Jen: <smiles> Poor Cassie.
Cassie: Shuddup! You're here, too!
Jen: Shut up.
Cassie: <hehehe smile>
Jen: <goes up to one of the guys> Hey baby, what's up? You lookin' for a little action?
Guy: <and his buddies lookin' Jen up and down> <druuuuuunk>
G: How much for a date?
Buddies: <laugh like it's some secret>
Jen: <smiles> Only $200 an hour honey and well worth every penny. $50 dollars if you just want a blow job. <takes a long drag from her cigarette>
G: <adding on his fingers>
B: It's his birthday!
G: Yeah!
Jen: Ohhh. Well, I guess I could give you a discount.....
G: Yeah-heah!
Jen: 150 an hour.
G: Hop in.
Cassie: <huff> <"and she took the cigarette, too...">
Jen: <smiles> <gets in> I'll see you later, Cassie.
Cassie: <gives her the finger>
Jen: <giggling>
Cassie: <mumbles> bitch...


Jen: <comin' back> <made 500 bucks, did all the friends too>
Cassie: Hey bitch.
Jen: Hey there, Cassie. Get any business?
Cassie: Some sleazy truckers. <makes a face> <raped by some trucker guys awhile back>
Jen: Eh, well, sometimes you gotta do those guys too......
Cassie: Yeah. <sighs>
Jen: <sees Em walking up> <glaring> Who the hell is that? <takes out another cigarette>
Emily: <narrows eyes>
Cassie: <glares> This is our damned corner... <crosses arms>
Emily: <eyebrow> Says who?
Cassie: Says us! <looks her up and down> What is this, a hobby for you? There's a bar down the street.
Jen: She's probably new. Maybe you don't know the rules sweetie, but we all have certain areas we cover. We worked long and hard to get to this spot.
Emily: Rules? <spits> I don't like rules. <southern drawl>
Cassie: That's too fucking bad. This corner's covered. Find somewhere else.
Jen: <sees a car drive up> Hiya there, sweetie. You wanna take this one or should I? <to Cassie>
Cassie: Mememe. <going over>
Jen: <smiles> Okay, go. <shaking her head> Now..... <to Em> <crosses her arms> Are you new here?
Emily: <snickers> I'm not new!
Jen: Have you ever done this sort of thing before?
Emily: Uhh.... no comment. <feet shuffle> <tough expression disapears>
Jen: <takes a long drag of her cig> Listen, do you want to show you the ropes or not? If you have then you don't need me too, if you have, then you do. I've been in this business for five years, I've never worked for a pimp and I've never gotten any diseases.
Emily: <mouth drops> No diseases? Wow. <scratches forehead> Well, I wouldn't mind some help.
Jen: All right, first rule: always use a condom. If he refuses, then walk away. If he grabs you, then use mace or something. You should always have some with you.
Emily: <takes out pad of paper> <writes this down>
Jen: <shaking her head>
Emily: <drops pad of paper>
Jen: You'll soon know who the sleezes are and who the nice guys are. Sometimes you don't really get a choice. The nice guys usually come over to me and Cassie, though. Occasionally you'll get some nasty truckers, but eh, it's business.
Emily: So I'm left to the sleazes?
Jen: No, the girls down the street are. They go for $50 a fuck. We charge by the hour. $200 an hour, $50 a blow job.
Emily: <shrugs> Makes sense.
Jen: If it's someone birthday, I'll give $50 off the first hour. They guys know you're good at your job the more they have to pay. And the better dressed you are. Those girls down there are all in rags. I'm almost to the point where I'll be with polticians and business men. Another year under my belt and I'll move up.
Emily: Really? <gawking>
Jen: Yep. Don't ever get into drugs or anything like that, it just messes you up.
Emily: I know! My friend Starstruck did drugs- came back with purple hair and a lost arm.
Jen: <sees a car pull up> This is one of my regulars. However, if you want, you can take him. He's a pretty good guy.
Hey Pete.
Emily: <shuffles feet> Well, should I?
Jen: I say you should start with him.
Emily: Really?
Jen: Yeah, go ahead.
Emily: <whispers> I don't even know how to go ahead.
Jen: <smiles> Hi Pete. <leans into his car> This is...what did you say your name was?
Emily: <whispers> I don't even know how to go ahead. Uh... Em.
Jen: This is Em. She's new. So, I'll give you a discount for $100 for now, if you ain't satisfied you can come back for me. <winks>
Emily: <waves nervously to Pete> Uh. Hey sweetie.
Jen: Go ahead. <to Em> If you come back and I'm not here, just wait and don't go with anyone until I come back. I know all the sleezes who try to get girls like you.
Emily: <nods>
Jen: <opening the car door> Have fun and don't be too nervous sweetie, it hurts more if you are. <waves> Bye.
Pete: <pullin' away>
Emily: <waves through car window>
Jen: <standin' on the corner> <waitin' for cassie to come back>
Cassie: <does a lil later> <sees Em's gone> She left, huh?
Jen: She got Pete tonight.
Cassie: Pete? <eyebrow> Why?
Jen: He's a good first timer.
Cassie: So, she's okay?
Jen: Yeah, she's a little shy, but she'll come around. So, how was that guy?
Cassie: Eh. Seems okay. Might get more business outta him later on.
Jen: <nods> That's good.
Cassie: <shrugs> Anyone else come by?
Jen: No, the normal losers. <sees a guy resembling david walking down the street> <eyebrow> Oo. He's a cutie.
Cassie: <looks> Hmmm... Probably in a serious relationship. <sighs>
Jen: Yeah. <to DD> Hey sweetie, lookin' for some action?
DD: Uh, actually, I'm just looking for [names a street].
Jen: Oh, you're a long way off.
Cassie: <"dammit, he's a good guy"> <sighs>
DD: Great... <sighs, looking around>
Jen: Do you have a car? It's faster if I could show you. And you aren't gonna get a cab this time of night. <sighs> I have a car a block from here, but it'll cost you.
DD: Umm.. <bites lip> <glances down street> I guess I have to..
Jen: Kay. I'll be back in a little while, Cassie. If Em comes back, back sure she gets another good guy.
Cassie: <sighs> Fine.
Jen: <going with David> This'll be a charge of $30.
DD: Yeah, okay. <going along> <glancing at her every now and then>
Jen: See anything you like? <unlocking her car>
DD: <lil blush>
Jen: <gettin' in> <smiles> You know, you're pretty cute. If you want, I can give you a discount..... <starting the car>
DD: <in car> I, uh.. I'm not really.. <doesn't know what to say>
Jen: Your call, sweetie. <drivin' to the street he asked for> So, what are you doin' all the way out here?
DD: I was just taking a long walk... I sort of lost my sense of direction, I guess.
Jen: Oh..... <smiles> So, you come from the rich part of town?
DD: Uh, I guess.
Jen: Well, maybe I'll be seeing you again sometime. I'm gonna be moving up soon in business.
DD: Ohh..
Jen: I'll be doing my business on this part of town. So, you never know.
DD: Yeah...
Jen: The offer still stands, sweetie.
DD: ....I might take you up on that
Jen: <smiles> Good. <pulling up to where he wanted to be> Well, here you are. <pulls up to his street> So, you want me to come up or what?
DD: Um.. <pauses> <"ya only live once..."> Yeah. <quickly>
Jen: <smiles> <gettin' out of the car>
DD: <ditto>
Jen: Nice place.
DD: Thanks.
Jen: <following david inside> <inside, takin' off her knee high boots> So.... <pulling down the zipper> You have a choice. <pullin' out condoms> We got different colors and flavors..... We have blue, red, purple, green, your basic white, black, and this sucker.. <pulls out a gold one> This one never fails.
DD: Ah.... <swallows> <not used to dis at aaawww> Um... It really doesn't matter to me...
Jen: I have a few rules.....
DD: Yeah?
Jen: I don't do too much kinky stuff, I'll do some, but not too much. Second, I don't do ass fucking. Too many diseases and stuff goin' around. Any questions?
DD: Uh.. no.
Jen: Where do you wanna do it? Bed? Floor? Couch? Chair?
DD: <swallows again>
Jen: Does it matter?
DD: I guess not...
Jen: Kay. <pulling him over to the couch> <pulling off her clothes>
DD: <going along> <starting to think maybe he shouldn't have...> <what a cute, befuddled mess>
Jen: <undoin' his pants> <smiles> Don't be nervous. <pulling him down on top of her> <slidin' down his boxers> <kissin' him>
DD: <kissin' her back> <poor guy, he's too nice>
Jen: <decidin' to take over, moves so she's on top of him>


John Carter: <drivin', poor lonely guy>
Cassie: <on da corner>
Emily: <falls out of a car>
Emily: That was... fun. <calls out> Helllloooooo?
Cassie: <weird look> <"oh great.. the newbie", huffs> <ain't gonna like her right away> <little disinterested wave>
Emily: <pulls out a deck of cards> Wanna play?
Cassie: Some of us have to work. <crosses arms>
Chase (ER): <a regular for Cassie, likes her>
Chase: <pullin' up> Hey honey.
Cassie: Hey baby.
Chase: Who's your new friend?
Jen: <refuses to fuck chase>
Cassie: Oh. She's new. <remembers Jen telling her to share, smiles> Wanna try her out? I hear good things.. <motions Em closer>
Chase: <smiles> Sure. <likes to do all sorts of kinky shit>
Cassie: Come back later if you want more.
Chase: You bet, sweetie.
Cassie: <flashes a smile and lets Em go w/him> <"hehehe">
Emily: <whispers> Yuck.
JC: <drivin' along> <lonely, lonely soul>
Emily: <sighs> Okay, I'll go.
Cassie: Have fun. <smiles>
Chase: <smiles>
Cassie: <"I've done my good deed for the year..">
JC: <pullin' up where Cassie is> <just sittin' back and thinkin'>
Cassie: <goes over to his car> Hey, hun. All alone tonight?
JC: Yeah, kinda <in his scrubs>
Cassie: <noticed> <"good money..."> Want some company? You look like you could use some fun..
JC: <sighs> Why not......
Cassie: <smiles> That's the spirit. <gets in lalala>
JC: <sighs, drives off> <quiet and depressed>
Cassie: <"hm.."> I'm no shrink, but you look depressed..

to be continued...