Boring stuff that only interests me... :)

This page is just me being bored. I'm too lazy to do anything to the rest of the site. Anyhoo, I just copied parts of surveys I've saved that aren't too incredibly stupid.

Name: Cassie

Birthdate: December 7th
Birthplace: West Palm Beach, FL
Location: Clemson, SC
School: Junior at D.W. Daniel
Family Roots (took me awhile to figure out what they meant. I'm a little slow.): American - German, Irish, English, Greek (pretty sure), Jewish (country, not religion), with a dash o' Mohican for good measure. I guess we all just mutts.

Useless stuff that I FELT LIKE putting...

Number of failed homepage attempts: 12 or so.. I'm a nomad.
Number of places I've lived: Only four.
Tape currently in VCR: recorded ER episodes...
Last movie I went to see: Arlington Rd. (eh)
Stuffed animal I've had since forever: Snuggles (puppy). I always thought of it as a he, but I named it after a she so it's... multi.. sexual. <weird look>
Pets: 3 birds and a cat.


Books: A Cry in the Night, Mary Higgins Clark; The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Agatha Christie; and the first in the Mrs. Polifax series by Dorothy Gilman. I think it's called The Unexpected Mrs. Polifax. Fuuunyy-punny. :)
Poem: "The Lady of Shalott", Lord Alfred Tennyson
Music: Alternative - I'm in an Alanis and Semisonic phase. It'll pass.
Songs: "Forgiven", Alanis; "Secret Smile", Semisonic; "Possession", Sarah McLachlan
Place: Sebastian, FL - specifically, Christopher Island by the Inlet.
TV shows: X-Files (obviously), ER

Some paintings in my room....

She loosed the chain and down she lay
The Lady of Shalott, John William Waterhouse

Out flew the web and floated wide
The mirror cracked from side to side
"The curse has come upon me!", cried
The Lady of Shalott

Onscreen, the Waterhouse looks a lot lighter in color than it really is.. Just tellin' ya. I don't like how it looks here..

God Speed, Edmund Blair-Leighton

Windflowers by John William Waterhouse and The Psyché by Berthe Morisot are next on my list...

Bored yet?

too bad.... I'm on a roll...

Most recent medical complaint: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Before this, there was malaria, dyslexia, various cancers, Hodgkin's disease (I thought I had a pea lymph node and a milk dud lymph node), ... etc. etc. Most are just my mind... oh well. One of these days I'll be right.

Well that's all I can think of.... Au revoir, I guess..